Globe Magazine Gary Coleman Death Photos?

A series of photos of Gary Coleman in the hospital are being shopped around to the media -- and in one of the photos ... Gary is already dead.

Globe Magazine bought Gary Coleman Death Photos and will publish them on the next issue.

The photos that Globe magazine bought were reportedly taken by his ex-wife, Shannon. What makes the situation even worse is that the photos -- which were purchased for $10,000 -- will likely lead to whopping sales.
This is just so sad, Gary Coleman's own wife is making money with his husband's death.

asked by Rock in Controversy | 2356 views | 06-09-2010 at 07:32 PM

You're right. Globe magazine's tasteless decision to buy photographs of Coleman's last moments alive for $10,000 could provide the tabloid with one of its best-selling issues ever.

In one photo, Coleman is dead. In another, his eyes are closed and he is on a ventilator. It's as sad as it is pathetic that Gary's wife sold them to Globe magazine.

Ever since the release of the Gary Coleman 911 call last week, Price has come under intense scrutiny - and now wants up to $50,000 for interviews as well.

It's like she never cared for Gary Coleman and even left him to die in the floor while she said she couldn't go help him because she felt bad.

Globe magazine may sell a crazy amount of magazines with Gary Coleman's death photos but the reader are not dumb and know this is just bad taste.

answered by Jasper | 06-09-2010 at 07:34 PM

Gary's wife Price organized the photo session after hiring a production company to take the pictures and conduct an interview with her shortly after Coleman's death.

Gary Coleman's longtime friend and former manager Dion Mial has accused his wife of selling the photos in an "ongoing desperate attempt" to profit from his death.

answered by Bee | 06-10-2010 at 05:14 PM

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