Ann Curry Wheaton College Mix Up Video?

NBC ‘Today Show’ Anchor Ann Curry gave a commencement speech at Wheaton College over the weekend. Unfortunately for her, there’s more than one college by that name in the country.

Ann Curry mixed up the two Wheaton Colleges. While delivering the commencement speech at the Massachusetts's Wheaton, Ann Curry named several distinguished alumni including Dennis Hastert, Wes Craven and the Rev. Billy Graham.

All of those figures attended the evangelical Christian college in Wheaton, Ill., — not the secular Wheaton College in Norton, Mass.

I'm sure there is a video of Ann Curry giving the Wheaton College Commencement speech. Where can I find that video? Is it on youtube?

asked by Sixty in Television | 2793 views | 05-25-2010 at 11:53 PM

Ann Curry must feel so embarrassed. Speaking at Wheaton College in Massachusetts over the weekend, Ann Curry reeled off a list of well-known grads including evangelist Billy Graham, director Wes Craven and former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

They did attend Wheaton College - but the one in Illinois. The Wheaton college in Massachusetts didn't even start accepting male students until 1988.

The transcript and video of Ann Curry's 16-minute talk is posted on the college's web site, but the reference to Graham, Craven, and Beamer has been edited. "We didn't want to broadcast misinformation," explained Graca, who said Ann Curry is aware of her mistake.

The 405 graduates and school administrators knew something was amiss Saturday as soon as Curry reeled off the erroneous names, "but then the moment was over and we moved on," Graca said. He noted that Curry received a standing ovation at the conclusion of her address.

The error has caused a buzz on the Illinois school's campus as well.

LaTonya Taylor, spokeswoman for Wheaton College in Illinois, said the confusion is common and she often receives inquires about the other Wheaton, a bit closer to Boston.

This is the video of Ann Curry's speech at Wheaton College.

answered by Derek | 05-26-2010 at 12:00 AM

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