Anna Chlumsky My Girl Pics?

Remember Anna Chlumsky as Macaulay Culkinís co-star in the movie My Girl ?
Anna Chlumsky used to be so adorable as a little girl.

I'm looking for pictures of Anna Chlumsky from the movie My Girl.

She was 11 when she did My Girl but she went back to have a normal life, unlike her fellow actors like Macaulay Culkin.

Where can I find pictures of Anna Chlumsky from My Girl?

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Clumsky is best known for her great childhood acting skills in "My Girl," but what exactly happened after that movie?

Anna Chlumsky is now 30, and she is used to people recognizing her for the role in My Girl she played nearly 20 years ago. Anna Chlumsky quit acting shortly after she started college at the University of Chicago, where she toyed with dreams of being a horse dentist or a paleontologist.

But now it looks Anna Chlumsky is back. At age 30 she is beginning to break back into the acting business filming pilots and guest starring on popular tv shows. After we fell in love with Chlumsky as Vada Sultanfuss the actress left Hollywood in order to focus on college.

The 'My Girl' star then took a job as a fact-checker for the Zagat restaurant guide, then worked as an editorial assistant at HarperCollins, until she says a psychic reminded her that she still wanted to be an actress.

Pictures of Anna Chlumsky from My Girl.

Anna Chlumsky My Girl

Anna Chlumsky My Girl 2

Anna Chlumsky My Girl 3

She says she has no regrets about "My Girl" and all of the fame it brought her at such a young age, but now she feels like she's really acting, as opposed to when she was "in that kid mode of 'say the lines right, and you'll do fine."

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