Oil Spill Cleanup Methods?

What is the Solution for The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill? What are the best cleanup methods to try?
The environmental disaster obviously means nothing to them, they're letting all the oil go to the into the sea, and contaminate and kill all the animal species.
This is a serious natural disaster and every day counts.

How are they cleaning up the Mexico Gulf oil spill?
What methods are they using to clean it up?

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The Gulf of Mexico is a mess and itís going to take a massive clean-up effort. One method alone isnít going to cut it alone. No two oil spills are the same because of the variation in oil types, locations, and weather conditions involved. However, broadly speaking, there are four main methods of response.

The key methods for cleaning up oil spills are:

* Booms -- Floating barriers placed around the oil or around whatever is leaking the oil. Booms contain the oil so skimmers can collect it.
* Skimmers -- Boats, vacuum machines, and oil-absorbent plastic ropes that skim spilled oil from the water's surface after booms have corralled it. The skimmer collects oil into a container so it can be removed.
* Chemical dispersants -- Materials that break down the oil into its chemical constituents. This helps disperse the oil and make it less harmful to wildlife and shorelines.
* In-situ burning -- Igniting freshly spilled oil while it's still floating on the water.

Booms, skimmers, and chemical dispersants are perhaps the most frequently used methods to clean up ocean oil spills. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages, and the effectiveness of any cleaning method depends on ocean currents and tides, as well as the weather. Some methods can be as harmful to the environment as the oil spill itself. National governments also regulate what chemicals can be used in the ocean.

An oil spill reached relatively quickly and located away from towns is the easiest to clean up by one of these methods. But rarely do things work out so easily. Oil spills are generally very messy, hazardous and environmentally threatening. Spills may reach shorelines, have time to spread and affect wildlife. In these cases cleanup crews use other measures.

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