How Does A Scram Bracelet Work?

Today reading about Lindsay Lohan I found out about Scram Bracelets.
How does a scram bracelet work?

Apparently judges decide if you get a SCRAM bracelet that is used to monitor alcohol consumption. But how does it work exactly?

How can a Scram Bracelet know if you are drinking alcohol?

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SCRAM Bracelets (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) is a special bracelet used to monitor people with alcohol addiction problems, it has become used in alcohol abuse treatment centers.

This is how the scram bracelet works.

The ankle scram bracelet takes an air sample from the ankle at least every hour, collects that data and stores it until it can connect to a modem and go through a landline to a computer for viewing and analysis. Itís taking the sweat, because 1 percent of what you drink comes out of your skin and attaches to sweat, so that's what the scram bracelet monitors. It's almost like a Breathalyzer on your ankle. It's a lot more sensitive than a Breathalyzer, but the scram bracelet uses the same technology...

The scram bracelet is not bullet proof though, there are reports that the SCRAM can be cheated by submerging it in water to prevent sweating or by putting baloney between the skin and the device.

This SCRAM bracelet technology is being used at some counties in the USA as an alternative to jail time. The bracelets are light-weight, and are used in the angle. Makers also ensure the bracelets are tamper proof.

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