Lance Armstrong Crashes Video?

Lance Armstrong crashed during the race and was taken to a hospital for X-rays, his coach tweeted.
This crash happened today, May 20, 2010 the same day Lance Armstrong denied allegations by his former teammate Floyd Landis that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

Lance Armstrong is going to the hospital for X-rays after crashing during the Tour of California.

Is there a video of the crash? I saw pictures of Lance Armstrong taken after the crash, he has blood on his face.
Is there a youtube video?

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Armstrong's longtime coach Johan Bruyneel tweeted Thursday that Armstrong was involved in a "huge" crash and "had to abandon and is going to the hospital for Xrays."
I posted the crash video below.

Lance Armstrong was on a two-lane road outside Visalia a few miles into the race when a rider in the main group skidded on some gravel and fell, causing others, including Armstrong, to crash.

Team spokesman Philippe Maertens says Armstrong got stitches in his left elbow and under his left eye.

Armstrong, collided with several other riders during the narrow stretch of the route in Visalia. All the riders, including Lance Armstrong, got back on their bikes and continued the race, but after a few miles Armstrong was forced to retire.

This is the video of Lance Armstrong's Crash.

The video shows a crazy fall.
Lance climbed into the lead RadioShack team car and that's when his manager Johan Bruyneel said on Twitter that Armstrong was being taken to hospital for X-rays.

I hope Lance Armstrong recovers quickly from this crash.

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