Lance Armstrong Drug Scandal & Accusations?

Landis accused today Lance Armstrong of taking drugs to enhance its performance.
That is a serious accusation for Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong, who has never failed a drug test or been disciplined for a doping violation, was forced to issue a denial before competing in the fifth stage of the Tour of California today against those accusations.

“I have nothing to hide. I think history speaks for itself here,” he said. “With regards to the specific allegations, the specific claims, they’re not even worth getting into. I’m not going to waste my time or your time.”

Was Lance Armstrong part of a drug scandal before?
Why is Floyd making all these accusations right now? It look as though he is jealous of Lance Armstrong's success.

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Landis' entire career was spent in Lance Armstrong 's shadow, and it always seemed as if the lack of light somehow left him stunted, grasping for sun. Suddenly, in the context of his Cain and Abel relationship with Armstrong, Floyd four-year pursuit of injustice makes more much sense. He wasn't going to be the one to get busted while golden boy got all the glory, and if he was going down, he darn sure was going to take his rival down with him.

That's is the reason for Lance Armstrong's accusations.

Still the World Anti-Doping Agency has promised to investigate Landis’s explosive allegations, which were contained in a series of emails apparently sent by the cyclist between April 30 and May 6 to officials at the International Cycling Union (UCI) and USA Cycling and leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

Armstrong has been accused of using illegal drugs for years, but no anti-doping agency has ever publicly said he tested positive.

I hope the scandal doesn't reach Armstrong, others have accused him of doping before, the test that has become all too common among world-class cyclists. But Armstrong has continually denied the charges, and his blood tests have been clean.

At the press conference before the race, Armstrong said Floyd was changing his story. "This is a man that's been under oath several times and had a very different version. This is a man that wrote a book that had a completely different version. This is somebody that took, some would say, close to a million dollars from innocent people for his defense under a different premise. And now, when it's all run out, the story changes."

answered by Clive | 05-20-2010 at 08:58 PM

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