Diane Downs Children Update: Where Are They Now?

Diane Downs is an American woman who was convicted of murdering one of her children having shot all three, and then trying to blame it on a carjacker. Her lies were exposed and she was convicted in 1984 and sentenced to life in prison.

Late one May night in 1983, Diane Downs sped into an emergency room dropoff in Springfield, Oregon, with a horrifying story to tell.

Her three small children, Christie, 8; Cheryl, 7; and Danny, 3, were inside her blood-soaked car, shot at close range.
I just want to know what the latest update about Diane's children is.

Where are her children now? What happened to them when Diane Downs was sent to jail? Where are her children today?

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When Diane Downs was in trial she was with a little girl. Diane Downs gave birth to her fourth child 10 days before she was sentenced. This baby girl was adopted out to parents who named her Rebecca Babcock.

Her story became public last night on ABC.

Babcock always knew that she had been adopted, but was shocked to learn that she was the daughter of a convicted murderer. At age 16 it is hard to comprehend that her mother’s conviction flowed from shooting her own children.

More so when that mother is a liar whose only real motive for destroying her children's lives was because they became unwanted baggage in her relationship with a married man.

The other surviving children eventually went to live with one of the prosecutors of the case, Fred Hugi. He and his wife Joanne adopted them in 1984. The youngest child, Danny, was left a paraplegic as a result of the shooting. His older sister Christie has permanent partial paralysis on one side of her body.

Pictures of Diane Downs and her children.

Diane Downs Children

Diane Downs Children now

Diane Downs Children today

Babcock has chosen to share her story about “being the seed of a monster and how that legacy has shaped her life.” Knowing that your mother was shooting your family members while you were in her womb must be mind boggling and unsettling in your spirit.

Diane Downs remains in prison in California. She was denied parole in 2008 and continues to proclaim her innocence.

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