Ace Adventure Camp West Virginia?

I'm planning a trip with my family before the summer vacations end. A friend suggested the Ace Adventure Camp. Where can I find some reviews of the Ace Adventure Camp in West Virginia?

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Tripadvisor is a great website to check reviews of different places in the world.
For the Ace Adventure Camp in West Virginia, Tripadvisor has two reviews:

"For the first part of the week we stayed in one of the cozy cabins. It was definately 'cozy', but very adequate. The location was very peaceful, yet a very short walk to the lake area. At night we relaxed in the hot tub, roasted marshmallows and caught fireflies. The cabins even had a TV w/ a DVD player so we could watch movies at night. The second half of the week we stayed in one of the log cottages. It was larger and newer than the cozy cabin, the only thing it was missing was a stove. My husband and I love the camping experience but are getting to old for roughing it; this was the perfect compromise. The lake area was great with lots to do. We rafted down the lower New River, did the Canopy tour, the sunset horsback riding trip and even did paintball. The guides were great and the tours were awesome! We highly recomend this to families or groups who enjoy the outdoors."


"Our family and another family stayed here this weekend while rock climbing in the New River Gorge. We tent camped for $10/night per person, which was reasonable given the facilities. Check in was easy. We asked for two secluded camp sites, but found there really were NO secluded sites. The tent camping is all together at the top of the mountain. There are a few trees, but mostly open grass.

The tent sites were a good size but it was a busy weekend so we had neighbors on all sides about 30 feet away. This means we could hear talking, laughing and snoring into the evening. Most folks observed the midnight quiet curfew, but we did have to ask one large group to please be quiet at 1 a.m.

The bathroom was an easy walk for most of the campground. It was large and they tried to keep it clean, but it rained both nights so there was mud on the floor most of the time. The women's bath had 6 showers stalls, all with opaque glass (see through - bring a large towel to drape over the front if you're modest) and three bathroom stalls and two sinks. We would take turns brushing teeth in the morning. But it had the magic ingredient that makes camping work for me - hot showers!! After a wet night (our tent leaked) there's nothing like a wonderful hot shower!

The Ace Adventure camp does cater to rafters and that's obvious from the number of signs telling folks where to go for rafting check-in. That's no reason for non-rafters to avoid this place. There were plenty of other activities in the area. Lots of rock climbers, like us, and many folks had kayaks on the roof of their car.

The lake on property is a wonderful place - it's large wiith lots of toys! Lake priviledges are included with your stay, whether you're in a cabin or tent. There's a huge water slide,
two zip lines over the water, numerous water trampolines, some water rockers (you have to see them), floating baby pools, water volleyball etc. They provide and require life jackets if you leave the roped off shallower swimming area, which makes sense but makes it a little cumbersome to swim. The kids there (including ours) had a fantastic time. This place alone is worth the camping fee.

The Ace Adventure camp is huge - supposedly 1,400 acres. During the weekend, we also took a hike and did a little bit of mountain biking on the property.

We didn't eat on property, instead opting to head towards Fayetteville and our climbing sites, but they had a restaurant with a breakfast buffet (about $8 adults, $5 kids) which looked really good, plus another lounge. We did get ice and firewood at the small store on site.

In summary - an excellent place to stay, with lots of nice amenities. The only drawback is on crowded weekends, you will have neighbors close by and for tent camping, that is a little noisy."

answered by Julia | 08-13-2009 at 02:20 AM

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