Frank Frazetta Stroke Death?

Frank Frazetta, the great painter of fantasy book covers, has died. His cause of death was a stroke.

Frank Frazetta was famous for his works on paperback covers, movie posters and other commercial works, including those of the Conan the Barbarian series. The character became a cult favourite and later inspired a series of movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was also known for his illustrations of Edgar Rice Burroughs characters such as Tarzan and John Carter of Mars.

How old was Frank Frazetta? Did he have a previous disease that caused the stroke and his death?

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Sites like The Beat, Comic Book Resources and Newsrama are reporting Frank Frazetta's death.
He was 82 years old.

His fantasy illustrations can be seen in comics, on album covers and movie posters, and in other media as well.

Artsbeat says, "Frank Frazetta, an illustrator whose vivid colors and striking brushstrokes conjured up fantastic worlds of musclebound heroes fighting with broad swords and battle axes to defend helpless women from horrible beasts, died on Monday in Fort Myers, Fla. He was 82."

Heidi MacDonald at The Beat confirmed Frazetta's passing with his agent Robert Pistella. "The cause of death was a stroke," she reports. "Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly."

Frank did not have a previous disease.

P´cture of Frank Frazetta.

Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta is probably best known for his striking comic book covers of Conan the Barbarian and Buck Rogers -- and for the 1982 animated film, Fire and Ice -- but once upon a time he inspired a Japanese artist who would go on to illustrate Legend of Zelda games Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess.

In a telephone interview, Mr. Pistella said that Mr. Frazetta, who had a history of strokes, had returned from a Mother’s Day dinner with his family on Sunday night and fell ill. Emergency medical services were called and Mr. Frazetta was rushed to the hospital, where he died.

In November, reported, Mr. Frazetta’s cover artwork for the paperback reissue of “Conan the Conqueror” by Robert E. Howard sold to an unnamed collector for $1 million.

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