Tennessee Flooding Map?

Flooding in Tennessee is impacting travel conditions in the Nashville region and western portions of the state. I need a flooding map of Tennessee so I can see the road conditions statewide and make plans to travel safely. Where can I see a map of roads affected by flooding?

The thing is, I have family in Tennessee, and I need the map to see if the area they live in has been affected by the flooding.

Where can I find such flooding map?

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The number of storm-related deaths in Tennessee has grown to 13 across, after another body was found in the flood waters. Emergency officials in Tennessee are now pleading with residents to conserve water. Massive flooding has damaged municipal water service.

Reports say this is the worst flooding in years. In one video, it looked like everything was flooded for miles around. Where have the animals gone? I could not find anything on the Internet about animal rescues active during the flooding.

Nearly 50 streets and highways were closed in the Nashville area, including interstates 24 and 40, according to the city statement. I-24 reopened after 130 vehicles were towed away. On I-40, which crosses the state from east to west, 91 drivers opted to stay with their stuck trucks, Marshall said.

To get a map there is an online tool named TDOT SmartWay.
This tool is Tennessee’s intelligent transportation system which uses advanced information technologies to improve the safety and operation of highways and other transportation modes, such as public transit.
TDOT makes SmartWay information available to travelers in Tennessee by calling 511 from your telephone.

For more information visit this website:


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The fire chief in Nashville says it's possible there are more victims from the flooding Cumberland River, which is cresting 12 feet above flood stage. Flooding and severe weather since the weekend has left 18 dead in Tennessee and 10 others in Mississippi and Kentucky.

answered by Miles | 05-04-2010 at 03:48 AM

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