Obama Cheating On Michelle Scandal?

There is a new scandal story that suggests that President Barack Obama is cheating on Michelle and that he spent the night in a Washington D.C. hotel with a former campaign aid, Vera Baker, whom he first met in 2004 during his United States Senate campaign.

One particular witness to the Obama cheating on Michelle scandal is a limo driver. He reportedly drove Obama's mistress to a hotel where Obama was staying. The driver said he waited in the lobby as she went inside to change. He talks of driving Barack Obama and his mistress to various locations so they could campaign for funds.

Is the scandal true this time? Is President Barack Obama cheating on his wife Michelle Obama with another lady?

asked by Cassidy in Politics | 3565 views | 05-01-2010 at 05:21 PM

The National Enquirer is saying that President Barack Obama was allegedly caught cheating on his wife Michelle in 2004 with a campaign aide, Vera Baker. The gossip rag says Obama became close to Baker while working on his 2004 campaign for the Illinois Senate and the pair were caught in a Washington, D.C. hotel.

Of course no one yet knows if this is just a vicious rumor or if Obama did have an affair, thus cheating on Michelle Obama. Those that dismiss this rumor out of hand pointing at the source need to recall that The National Enquirer, TMZ, and other "tabloids" exposed such deeds before and they were right.

Some say that Opponents of President Obama, and I'm sure they are plentiful, are offering one million dollars for proof and testimony that Obama is really cheating. That would definitely damage Obama's image.

Vera Baker is denying reports vehemently, and the President has not responded.

So it remains an alleged affair at this point, and remains in the rumor mill. This is being investigated by the Enquirer and ABC news. This had surfaced in August of 2009, and for some reason has reappeared today.

I say no. I have always admired the sweet looks that Obama gives to his wife and how he addresses her with such respect.

answered by Rebecca | 05-01-2010 at 05:28 PM

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