The Real Angela Delvecchio: Trial & Friends?

I just watch the movie Death of a Cheerleader. In some parts of the world the same movie is known as "A Friend to Die For."
The movie is supposed to be true, the characters are based on a true story.
I just want to know what happened to the real Angela Delvecchio that killed the cheerleader Kellie Martin? Was there a trial? Was Angela Delvecchio sent to jail? Is she in prison right now?
I never heard about a trial on this case. It's an interesting story.
Also, what happened to her friends?
Where is the real Angela Delvecchio, what is she up to today?

asked by Allison in Law & Ethics | 31858 views | 04-17-2010 at 09:17 PM

The movie Death of a Cheerleader was based on a real case.
Angela Delvecchio's character was based on Bernadette Protti, and her 1984 murder victim Stacy Lockwood was based on Kirsten Costas.

The Angela Delvecchio character played by Kellie Martin is actually the opposite of Bernadette Protti – who was older, taller and blonde - while Kirsten Costas, played by Tori Spelling – was only 15, shorter and dark-haired. Nothing like the movie.

Photo of Bernadette Protti.

The real Angela Delvecchio

The Kirsten Costas story that was the basis for Death Of A Cheerleader was published in Rolling Stone in 1985 and was also covered by all the media.

Bernadette Protti basically killed Kirsten Costas over an imagined slight and fear of being exposed as a scheming, socially inept wannabe.

Picture of Kirsten Costas.

The real Kirsten Costas

The story is so sad.

answered by Melissa | 04-17-2010 at 09:26 PM

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