Casey Anthony Case: Jailhouse Letters Revealed?

Have you heard about the Casey Anthony case and the revealed Jailhouse letters?

Casey Anthony was indicted on October 14, 2008, for her first-degree murder. Police found Anthony's account of Caylee Anthony's disappearance suspicious after learning that Casey Anthony had not reported her daughter missing for more than a month.

Latest news I've heard about the case is that there are some jailhouse letters written by Casey Anthony and sent to other inmates.

Casey Anthony told two fellow inmates that she used to "knock out" her daughter, Caylee Anthony.
Where can I read the revealed Jailhouse Letters of Casey?

Is there a website that published the Jailhouse Letters. I would really like to know what Casey Anthony did to her daughter.

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This case is interesting.
Casey Anthony wrote roughly 50 letters to another inmate in the Orange County Jail. Her defense chose not to fight the release of the documents.

The jailhouse letters and investigative documents released Tuesday afternoon provide a glimpse into the mind of a young woman who seemed to have a darting attention span and who found Jesus in jail, wrote about a troubled relationship with her family and dreamed of what life would be like when she went free.

The hundreds of pages of jailhouse letters do not contain a confession, but Anthony frequently complained about her family in the letters she wrote to a female drug dealer she befriended at the Orange County Jail. Anthony also wrote of her profound dislike of her former boyfriend, Jesse Grund, indicating that she was relieved when he informed her that DNA tests proved he wasn't her daughter's father.

Casey Anthony addressed Adams as "Cookie" and signed off with a nickname, "Muffin." Her choice of topics, written in a tall, up-and-down script, range from the lighthearted to the serious:

-Planning an RV trip with Adams.
-Complaining about her mother not showing up to see her in court.
-Accusations of abuse.
-Her faith in God.
-Her desire to brush up on her Spanish.
-The struggles of being a single mother living at home with her parents.

A recurring issue for Anthony was her assertion that she has been misrepresented and misunderstood.

Inmate Robyn Adams, with whom Anthony exchanged 50 jailhouse letters while incarcerated, told investigators that Casey Anthony told her that she sometimes used "stuff" to put her daughter to sleep. Another inmate, Maya Derkovic, said Anthony told her a similar story, but never said how she "knocked out" the toddler, according to the documents released today.

Revealed Jailhouse Letters of Casey Anthony.

Jailhouse Letters Casey Anthony

Anthony remains behind bars at the Orange County Jail under a protective-custody status, prohibiting her from directly communicating with other inmates.

The letters Anthony wrote in jail show a different side of her. While waiting to go into court, Anthony wrote in a letter: "I know I'll be an emotional wreck later. Hell, it's been a full month almost since I've seen any of my family. The only one I have pictures of, is my daughter. I wish she was going to be there Great. I'm going to make myself cry, if I'm not careful."

An analysis of Casey Anthony's handwriting in her jailhouse letters could provide an added glimpse into who she is.
Sally Elliott, a forensic expert, was interviewed by phone and pointed out that Anthony's letters are all the same height.
"That's mundane writing. It's all in the middle zone. She doesn't have very much in the upper or the lower," Elliott said.

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