Kenny Easterday: The Man With Half a Body Pictures?

Kenny Easterday is known as the man with half a body. He is a 35 year-old man who suffers from an extraordinary condition and says he can live as a normal guy.

Are there pictures of Kenny Easterday? What is his bio?

When he was six-months-old doctors amputated his legs and used part of his shinbone to complete his partially formed spine. What kind of condition does the man with half a body has?

There is going to be a TV special about Kenny Easterday.

"The Man with Half a Body” airs April 4th on TLC and even before its release it is inspiring millions during a time of great recession and great suffering, forcing many to put their lives in perspective.

Where can I see pictures of Kenny Easterday, the man with half a body?

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Despite only having half a body, Kenny Easterday insists he can live the life of a normal man.

Now he appears to have proved it after claiming he has fathered a child.

Kenny Easterday from West Virginia is 35 years old. He should have died fourteen years ago, according to medical professionals anyway. Easterday was born with an extremely rare condition called sacral agenesis, which means that his spine was unable to develop fully and forced doctors to amputate both his legs at the hip when he was just 6 months old.

And now despite doctors saying he wouldn't live past the age of 21 - Kenny works, plays pool and bowls with pals - and enjoys a full life with fiancée Nicky Bernaldes.

As a boy Kenny was offered prosthetic legs but he hated wearing them and preferred to use his hands or a skateboard to get around.

"My dad pretty much taught me how to walk on my hands," said Mr Easterday, from West Virginia, USA.

As a biography, Kenny Easterday was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 7, 1973. His age is 35. Kenny was born with a “congenital deformity of the sacral area, a very uncommon disorder known as sacral agenesis. It means he only has half a body. It sounds like a science fiction story, but believe it or not, this man is real and lives in West Virginia, USA. Doctors said he was not expected to live more than 21 years.

Nicky has a 7-year old daughter and the couple will discover if he is the father of the child. Nicky said they were together seven years ago and she got pregnant.

Pictures of Kenny Easterday: The Man With Half a Body.

The photos are impressive.

Kenny Easterday Man With Half a Body

Kenny Easterday Man With Half a Body2

Kenny Easterday Man With Half a Body3

Kenny Easterday Man With Half a Body4

Kenny Easterday Man With Half a Body5

Kenny Easterday Man With Half a Body6

Video of The Man With Half a Body.

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I watched this last night on TLC and I was almost on the verge of tears. I was hoping that he was the father of that kid. God don't give you anything you can't handle, he would have killed himself to take care of that woman's family, I am so glad he is back home with the people that put him here. They will take care of him.

answered by MS.CHARLIE | 05-25-2010 at 12:26 AM

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