Phoebe Prince Death: Bullies?

Nine teens, three of them juveniles, have been charged in connection with the Jan. 14 suicide death of bullying victim Phoebe Prince, with counts ranging from harassment to statutory rape.

Among those charged, according to Scheibel, were three teenage girls accused of violating Prince's civil rights, criminal harassment, and disturbing a school assembly. Two male teens are facing charges of statutory rape.

I'm late to Phoebe Prince's story. What happened to her? I heard something about bullies and how they left inappropriate Facebook messages to Phoebe Prince. She attended South Hadley High in MA.

Why was she bullied? Why did Phoebe Prince commit suicide?

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It is believed Prince took her own life (she was found hanging in her room in South Hadley home in January by her younger sister) after a tirade of bullying from a group of girls at school and via cyberspace, mainly through Facebook and text messages.

At today's press conference, Scheibel provided stunning new details about the intensity of bullying Prince sustained since last fall. She also said that on at least one occasion, a school staffer witnessed the bullying while Prince was in a school library.

"From information known to investigators thus far, it appears that Phoebe's death on January 14th followed a tortuous day for her, in which she was subjected to verbal harassment and threatened physical abuse,'' Scheibel said.

Picture of Phoebe Prince.

Phoebe Prince bullies death

No charges were brought against any school officials, although Northwest District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel said most of the student body, faculty members and administrators knew Prince was being bullied over a four-month period.

Prince’s death has received national attention and prompted the Legislature to act. On March 11, the Senate approved an anti-bullying bill requiring an anti-bullying curriculum and mandating school principals to report bullies to cops if there is reason to believe criminal charges should be pursued.

Sometime alter today, Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth D. Scheibel, is expected to announce their findings into the probe of Prince's death.

“Everybody in town has been focused on this,” said Robert G. Judge, a South Hadley selectman and a member of the town’s anti-bullying task force, set up in the wake of Princes' suicide.

I would just like to express my heartfelt sorrow to the family of Phoebe Prince.

answered by Ethnic | 03-29-2010 at 06:31 PM

Now they have found out Phoebe Prince was troubled prior to her moving to the United States.
She cut herself all the time and once attempted to commit suicide.

Regardless of that fact, those kids still made things worse for her, ultimately driving her to the edge.
The bullies should be sent to prison for at least five years.

answered by Karen | 07-22-2010 at 09:42 PM

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