Nada Prouty Story & Case?

Ex FBI & CIA terrorism fighter Nada Prouty was herself accused of aiding terrorism, but in her first interview, she denies she was anything other than a patriot.

She worked inside Yemen in 2000 after terrorists bombed the USS Cole, killing 17 American sailors. She helped nab Zayd Hassan Safarani for a 1986 hijacking in Pakistan that killed 22 passengers. And she spearheaded the investigation into the 2002 assassination of USAID diplomat Laurence Foley in Jordan.

Nada Prouty is accused of aiding terrorism, but Nada denies that she was doing nothing other than aiding her country and being a patriot.

Ms Nada Prouty has proven by her service and record of achievement and from the investigation to be a noble and dedicated American.
The Justice Department makes no apologies for the prosecution of Nada Prouty.

Why is it that prosecutors in this case, who are licensed attorneys that clearly knew that their publicity stunts were untrue to a standard of legal certainty, are allowed to falsely and fraudulently smear someone like this ... with Impunity?

What is the complete story of Nada Prouty's case?

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Nada Prouty story is particular. She is someone who worked hard to achieve the American Dream only to have it ultimately become a nightmare because of a mistake that she made in her youth.

Today Nada Prouty says she is unemployed, shunned by neighbors and regretting that she pleaded guilty in 2007 to federal charges that caused her to forfeit her citizenship and be branded as a Hizballah mole. The feds found out about her case while investigating her brother-in-law, prominent Detroit-area restaurateur Talal Chahine, on tax evasion charges.

Picture of Nada Prouty.
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A Lebanese national, Prouty fraudulently obtained U.S. citizenship while living in this country illegally. She did so with the help of others engaged in a conspiracy to defraud the United States, including her brother-in-law who is now an international fugitive. Prouty then used her phony citizenship to obtain employment with two agencies in the U.S. intelligence community: the FBI and CIA.

Although she had many opportunities to inform the FBI and CIA about her past illegal activities, Prouty failed to do so. It was ultimately the U.S. government that uncovered her case of fraud.

Prouty resides in Washington D.C. with her two children and her husband, a State Department employee. She says that the worst humiliation was being labeled by the media as "Jihad Jane" and "Hezbo mole," a reference to Hizballah, which the U.S. calls a Lebanese terrorist group. She now says that she never used the FBI’s computer system improperly, but only said that she had because she was threatened with “everything you can possibly think of.” Her co-workers certainly miss her: "This was a significant loss," said Robert Grenier, a retired 27-year CIA veteran and former director of its Counter Terrorism Center. "Her background, her story, her knowledge of the Arab culture and her linguistic capabilities made her a rare commodity."

Below is the full 14 minutes and 16 seconds of the 60 minute video interview of the Nada Prouty case, the ex FBI & CIA terrorism who is now accused of aiding terrorism.
What a case.

If I find a video of Nada Prouty's 60 minute interview I'll post it here.

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