Patrick Trainor Death: Body Found & Funeral?

Just found out about Patrick Trainor's death. The body of a missing Patrick Trainor, a student of Purdue University, was found today submerged in his car in a Fishers neighborhood retention pond. Patrick Trainor was found dead in his car.

Dive teams were searching the pond in an effort to find the 19-year-old when his green Mustang was spotted. Patrick Trainor's bright green 1999 Mustang was found in a retention pond in the Breakwater subdivision near Brooks School Road and 116th Street just after 1:30 p.m.

Police said they found no tire tracks leading from the road into the pond, which is about 20 feet from the road.
I'm sure his funeral will be tomorrow. Any idea about his funeral?

What happened to Patrick Trainor? Was his death an accident or was it provoked by someone else? I'm sure there's going to be an autopsy.

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The parents of Patrick Trainor were at the scene and identified their son's body. They must be so saddened by their son's death.
Patrick Trainor body was found today March 24th, 2010 inside of his green Mustang car in a Fishers Neighborhood retention pond, near 116th Street and Brooks School Road.

Trainor was last seen early Sunday.

Family members and friends had began an all-out search for Trainor, who was due back at school on Monday after spring break. They all feared his death.

Because Breakwater is a gated community with cameras, police were able to examine footage of traffic going in and out of the main gate. Officials spotted the car enter the community but never saw it exit. After re-examining the footage, police decided to check the pond and found the car in about five minutes. The vehicle was found 30 yards off the bank in about 10 feet of water.

The parents of Patrick Trainor, of Indianapolis, said the teen was last seen at a party in the Geist area Saturday night, and sent a text message at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning from near the 10000 block of Olio Road.

Trainor's brother Matt said that his brother left one party in Marion County and was perhaps looking for another place to meet friends when he went missing.

"He could have gone up 65 towards Purdue we have no indication. He could have gone towards the Southside towards my mom's house anywhere. So we want people all over to look for him not just people that live near Geist," said Trainor.

No news on the funeral but a candlelight vigil for Patrick Trainor will be held at Purdue University in the Sagamore Ridge Apartments, 2501 Soldiers Home Road, tonight beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Video of Patrick Trainor's search.

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