Who Voted For Health Care Bill In House List?

Politicians know that voters will remember they way they voted come election time.
Who voted for health care bill in house? Is there a list of voters by state?

The health care reform bill passed the House of Representatives last night with a 219 to 212 vote. No Republicans supported the measure. Thirty four Democrats also voted no, including Missouri rep Ike Skelton.

During hours of debate Sunday night, both sides -- it was largely a partisan vote -- had ample time to voice their opinions.
So can you please let me know who exactly voted for the health care bill in house? Post a list please.

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It took 14 months of birthing — and there’s still a little ground to go before it’s all official — but the health-care overall is effective here. House members spent most of Sunday voting on what is being called a historic health care reform bill. The Democrats won the handful of "yes" votes needed to get it passed.

Who voted for health care bill HR 3590 could also alter which
parties control certain seats in the House of Representatives during upcoming elections. The health care reform movement has received a lot of negative press, and some of that could end up swinging support of representatives who voted for health care bill HR 3590 to suddenly support candidates who claim they would have voted against it.

The debate on the house floor has been intense. Both sides stalling at times.

You can see the list of who voted for the health care bill in house in this link.


It is a look at some important groups in Sunday’s House vote to pass the health care bill approved by the Senate in December. The House passed its own version of a health care overhaul in November, after an amendment was approved that added abortion restrictions. The main supporters of the abortion amendment were among the last to say they would vote for the Senate bill.

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