Katherine Heigl Nip Slip Pictures?

Katherine Heigl was accepting an award for female star of the year during the ShoWest 2010 awards when she had a nip slip. The Grey’s Anatomy star was at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas when it happened.

Sadly for Katherine Heigl, fate struck a cruel blow as she was handed the Female Star Of The Year Award at the ShoWest convention held in Las Vegas.

I'm looking for pictures of Katherine Heigl's nip slip, but the only photos I found don't show a thing. Where can I see Katherine Heigl's nip slip pictures?

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It was Heigl’s left shoulder and suddenly lost the stitch and she said, “Oh, I think I just popped something.”

These are the pictures of Katherine Heigl nip slip

Katherine Heigl Nip Slip wardrobe malfunction

Katherine Heigl Nip Slip wardrobe malfunction2

Katherine Heigl Nip Slip wardrobe malfunction3

Katherine Heigl Nip Slip wardrobe malfunction4

and here is the video of Katherine Heigl nip slip:

Although it was embarrassing Katherine Heigl’s wardrobe malfunction could have been much worse, the world could have seen her boobs and be talking about that today instead. However the whole thing wasn’t that bad. Katherine was accepting the award for female star of the year at ShoWest when during her speech the snap on the strap of her dress just popped off. Luckily Heigl quickly grabbed the strap and an
x-rated moment was avoided but some serious skin was showing leaving her more exposed than the star would have liked.

Her jaw dropped from embarrassment, but she managed to grab her falling gown strap moments before turning the event, which is a convention for movie-theater owners, from G rated to R rated.

Heigl desperately tried to maintain her composure as she attempted to stop the dress from falling away - until host Billy Bush gallantly stepped in and spared her blushes by holding the outfit in place.

After finishing her speech, Heigl headed backstage and repaired the broken strap with a safety pin.

This totally screams SET UP. Especially the fact that they had pre-recorded her discussing wardrobe malfunctions before hand.

answered by Omar | 03-20-2010 at 05:38 PM

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