Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction Video & Pics?

Katherine Heigl was at ShoWest on Thursday to accept the Female Star of the Year Award when her dress came undone, nearly exposing her left breast.

I want to see pictures and the video of Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction!
Are there any photos online?

There's nothing worse than a wardrobe mishap, especially if you're in the public eye - even more so if you're on stage in front of a live audience.

Katherine Heigl's dress broke as she was accepting the prize for Female Star of the Year. Instead of a big round of applause, Heigl, 31, was the center of audience snickers.

Can you guys please post pictures or the video of the moment Katherine Heigl had the wardrobe malfunction?

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Katherine Heigl, 31, accepted her award with the strapping and stunning red dress she wore that came undone. She gracefully acknowledged her wardrobe malfunction and continued on with her acceptance speech. One of her dress straps broke last night in Las Vegas at the ShoWest movie industry convention—while she was on stage accepting the Female Star of the Year Award!

Pictures of Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction:

Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction

Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction2

Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction3

With one side of her chest close to being completely exposed Miss Heigl floundered and had difficulty continuing her speech.

Examiner reported that the broken strap allowed the dress to fall forward on one side, almost revealing too much.

That was until host Billy Bush stepped in and saved the day, holding her strap in place and giving the actress the chance to say a few words without worry of showing too much flesh.

Katherine Heigl bravely carried on, despite the mishap.

Earlier, the event's managing director, Robert Sunshine, had praised Ms Heigl's star quality: 'Her ever-present charm and innate talent have made Heigl's transition from TV screen to silver screen seemingly effortless.

Video of Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction:

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