Susan Dey The Partridge Family: What Happened To Susan Dey?

The "Partridge Family" reunion was one member short when the cast gathered on Tuesday (March 2) for the "Today Show's" "Great TV Families Reunited" series. Susan Dey, the actress who played eldest daughter Laurie Partridge was inexplicably not there.
What Happened To Susan Dey?
Even Danny Bonaduce, who in the years after his child stardom faced drug addiction and legal troubles, was present for the reunion.
Does anyone know why Susan Dey was not present in the Partridge Family reunion?

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So no reason as to why Susan Dey was absent? Come on CBS News... where is your investigative journalism?
I'd ask David Cassidy why Susan didn't show up. I think whatever encounter they shared, David is long over that and past it. As for Susan, she tries to avoid David it seems every time there is a reunion.
I read David's biography and he went into deep detail about their relationship which I thought was so disrespectful to Susan. She cared for him and he had no regards for her feelings. Susan Dey is a class act and a great actress! Kudos to her for showing such grace.

Cassidy said Dey had been a close friend of his but he hasn't seen or heard from her in years. The last cast mate "sighting" of Dey was about 10 years ago when Shirley Jones ran into her. Cassidy told Dey, "We still love ya".

But Bonaduce got right to the point, saying of Dey, "We've all shown up here- where the hell are ya? You too good for us? "
Dey continued to act after The Partridge Family, taking a star role in L.A. Law. Her most recent role was in Third Watch, which was filmed in New York. She married producer Bernard Sofronski and did her best to stay out of the headlines, thus avoiding the same fate (drugs and crime) many child stars have fallen into.

A similar absence occurred Monday morning, when the cast of "Eight is Enough" reunited on the morning program minus actor Adam Rich. The actor endured many personal issues after his time on the show, including arrests and substance abuse.

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David and Susan
On the one hand, yes, David can be viewed as disrespectful of Susan, by "telling all", in great detail, in his biography. But he didn't do it in a gloating manner. He simply stated, in a matter-of-fact way, what had happened between them. David is known to be a sensitive person, so I don't think he had any intentions of hurting Susan.

Men see things differently from women. In David's eyes, he didn't think there should be anything to hide, especially if Susan cut off ties before he wrote the biography (I'm not sure when , exactly, Susan "dropped off the planet" and ceased communicating with PF members). It's a shame David and Susan's working relationship disintegrated.

They shared four very memorable years together on a show that will live on in TV history...At this point in their lives they should be nostalgically looking back and celebrating together; and we, as fans, should be sharing in that. Susan should get past any disappointments and let go of any grudges. She has a life of her own, with a husband and daughter...what happened between her and David is in the past, and she needs to get over it. Hiding from everybody isn't normal or healthy, and ignoring the 40th anniversary of the PF is very sad.

answered by PF Fan | 04-12-2011 at 06:36 AM

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