Nancy Benoit Hustler Pics & Video?

Nancy Benoit Hustler Pics Are Acceptable for Lawsuit. Larry Flynt got into some hot water when Hustler published nude pictures of Nancy Benoit after she was murdered by her WWE husband. Nancy was murdered in a three day crime spree in which her husband, Chris Benoit, murdered her, their 7 year old son, and then hung himself on a weight machine.

Hustler published 20-year-old nude photographs of Nancy Benoit in March 2008 after the deaths gained international attention.

The Supreme Court has decided that the family of a slain professional wrestling personality can continue its lawsuit against Hustler magazine, a case that tested privacy concerns and the competing right to publish "newsworthy" material.
Does anyone Know where I can see the pictures of Nancy Benoit in Hustler? Also I'd like to see the video. Of course youtube doesn't have it because it is an adult video. Any links?

asked by Richard in Controversy | 6266 views | 03-01-2010 at 11:12 PM

Nancy Benoit's estate filed a federal lawsuit against the Larry Flynt Publishing Group, which is the publisher of Hustler. The lawsuit claimed that Nancy Benoit asked that the photographer destroy the images right after they were shot.

In October 2008, a federal judge ruled for the magazine, saying that Hustler had a right to publish the nude pictures of Nancy Benoit because of a "legitimate matter of public interest and concern."
The magazine, backed by journalists' groups, said it had a First Amendment right to publish the pictures.
The hustler pictures can be found in torrent sites, I've downloaded them myself. The Hustler video is published in adult video sites.

answered by Carl | 03-01-2010 at 11:18 PM

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