Dawn Brancheau Sea World Trainer Killed: Attack Photos?

A few days ago a trainer, Dawn Brancheau, at Sea World in Orlando Florida was killed by one of their killer whales in front of a live audience. It was an unusual case where the whale turned on it's trainer, and dragged her under the water and drowned her. Dawn Brancheau never had a problem with the whale before.
There was a guy who was filming everything. Does anyone have a video or video link of the actual killing happening?
What about the Attack Photos? I'm told the video is now property of a tv network and they don't want to show it yet but the photos are on the net. If so can you give me a link or something like that.
Does anyone have the killer whale attacks trainer at sea world video or pictures?

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Oh my gosh, I just read about that! Crazy,huh? But they say it was an accident, but they don't know a lot about what happened YET.
I feel sorry for the trainer of course but these animals shouldn't be kept for the amusement of humans.
SeaWorld said its staff would continue to interact with the whale, named Tilikum, despite calls to release or destroy it. But all orca shows were suspended after Wednesday's death as the park reviewed its safety procedures.

Video of Miami Seaquarium curator Robert Rose discussing the attack.

This is not the first time the killer whale attacked a trainer.

These terrifying shots show the killer whale attacking its trainer ó almost 40 years before tragic Dawn Brancheau was killed.

The horrifying video, from 1971, captured Shamu the whale holding Anne Godsey in its mouth at the SeaWorld park in San Diego, California.

killer whale attacks trainer

Animals are not for human amusement. Close these hell-holes & let the whales take their chances in the sea.
As of now, the video footage hasnít hit the internet. But I'm sure someone captured the attack of trainer Dawn Brancheau at Sea World and will publish it soon.

answered by Perry | 02-26-2010 at 07:12 PM

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