US vs Canada Hockey Score?

With the USA team already out to a 2 game win streak like their Canadian counterparts, today's Olympic hockey contest will help determine which team will go on to the medal rounds.
What is your score prediction?

The United States vs. Canada hockey game is a replay of the gold-medal game from 2002, when Canada won. The USA vs. Canada Olympic hockey game is the final Olympic game between the two teams in the round of group play.

What score do you predict for today's hockey game?

asked by Seth in Other - Sports | 3654 views | 02-21-2010 at 09:28 PM

It's hard to predict a score.
This game is the first real test for the US hockey team. They have two easy victories with a 3-1 win over Switzerland and a 6-1 win over Norway. They struggled on the defensive side by letting Norway score a shorthanded goal and by giving up more shots than in their first game of Olympics.
It is going to be the best atmosphere probably since the World Cup in 1996.
Both teams have 2-0 records, though Canada struggled in its 3-2 victory over Switzerland on Thursday.
The winner of the USA vs. Canada match gets an automatic first round bye in the single-elimination rounds.
I think the score will be.

USA defeats Canada, 3-2.

answered by Brian | 02-21-2010 at 09:31 PM

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