Who Dat Saints Song Lyrics and Download?

The Who Dats are just a little more passionate about the New Orleans Saints than professional sports fans in other cities. There is a song I specially like.
I'd like to download the mp3 file of the song do I can listen to it in my PC whenever I want.
Also what are the lyrics of the Who Dat Saints song?
There are currently at least 35 different Saints-related songs available on YouTube, but I like the Who Dat Saints song better.

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These are the lyrics of the Black & Gold (Who Dat) song:

K. Gates New Orleans Savior

Intro....We yellin black n gold to the Superbowl
black n gold to the Superbowl
black n gold to the Superbowl

Hook...We Yellin who dat who dat who dat who dat
Who dat say they gon beat them Saints

Verse1...,We going to Miami already tamed the wildcat
Secondlining to 2 dasuperbowl and bring the crown back
Brownbag days ovah take dat to da bank
Ol Archie Manning tell em This ain't ya daddy saints
Tom Benson give a Benz to Drew Brees
Ray Nagin Payton need New Orleans set of keys
by air by ground we scorin touchdowns
Bush flyin to the pylon no going outta bounds
Bell a bruise ya Pierre a lose u
Meechum a leave em
Shockey sock it to ya
Marchin down wit marques
It ain't hard to find em open
6 4 off da line (Rooh) touchdown Colston

Hook We yellin Who Dat Who Dat
Who Dat who dat
Who Dat say they gon beat dem Saints

Grant leave his wigg split
Sedrick Layin bigg hits
Jabari run the corner, sharper get that pick six
believe it undefeated walk the walk
Beat Bills jets & giants
We run new York
Panthers get crushed
Bucs get bucked
Monday night falcons gettin A town stomped
Are U Ready for some football it's goin down baby
We got sumthin fa ya Bellechick &

Bridge....We yellin Black & Gold to the superbowl (4 times)
Toudown Colston

Hook.. We yellin Who Dat Who Dat
Who dat who dat
Who dat Say dey gon beat them Saints
You can download the Who Dat mp3 song from iTunes.

Here's the Who Dat Saints song in youtube:

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