Obama Budget vs Bush Budget?

My question is about Obama's budget vs Bush's budget.
Everyone keeps talking about how Obama is throwing money around for useless things.
Bush was slammed for having a 455 Billion National Debt. Everyone claims he has ruined the country with that 455 billion debt. Why is no one saying a thing now that Obama has raised that to over 1 trillion?
How much did Bush spend in total, what was his total budget, through his 8 years in office?
How much has Obama planned to spend thus far?

asked by Unicorn in Politics | 2250 views | 02-01-2010 at 05:45 PM

Obama surpassed the entire deficit of the Bush administration, in just a few months. Bush will look like a genius next to Obama.
Obama hasn't taken responsibility for anything. If he spends money, it is because of Bush. If he raises taxes, it is because of Bush. If he inherits a recession, it is because of Bush.
According to Forbes, we are pace to spend 28% of the nation's total output on the government. Historically that percentage has always been around 15-18%. These deficits are going to destroy the economy. Mr Obama what are you doing?
Obama asked Congress to extend all of George Bush’s tax cuts that apply to Americans earning under $250,000. He also asked Congress to almost double a tax credit that helps Americans pay for child care and increase federal subsidies for retirement savings in Individual Retirement Accounts.

answered by Lara | 02-01-2010 at 05:50 PM

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