APP: Facebook Unnamed Application?

What is the "Unnamed App" on Facebook? What kind of application is it?
Is it a spybot of some sort?
I saw it on my facebook profile under granted additional permissions on the application settings page.
Can you explain what the Unnamed Application in facebook is?

asked by Jerry in Internet | 4200 views | 01-27-2010 at 01:53 PM

I have done a search on google and I have found 50% say its a virus and the other 50% say its not.
The Facebook Unnamed Application is definitely not a spybot. It is your boxes tab on your profile...
NOT a "spybot" or spyware or virus.

before I deleted Unnamed App, I had a boxes tab in my profile. When I deleted the Unnamed App, the boxes tab was gone.

This is how to put back your boxes tab:

1. go to the page where you removed the Unnamed App from.
2. select "edit settings" for an app
3. click remove, then click add when it appears

answered by Carl | 01-27-2010 at 01:54 PM

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