Clarence King: Ada Copeland?

Clarence King was an American geologist, mountaineer, and art critic who lived in the last century.
He was born in Newport, Rhode Island.

When did Clarence King meet Ada Copeland. In which year?
Clarence King had a double life. He met and became enamored of Ada Copeland. The two fell in love and entered into a common law marriage. But when exactly did they meet?

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Clarence King spent his last thirteen years leading a double life. In 1887 or 1888 (the exact date is not known), he met and became enamored with Ada Copeland, an African-American nursemaid (and former slave) from Georgia who had moved to New York City in the mid-1880s.

Ada Copeland, was born in or around West Point, Georgia. Though little is known of her early life, she was almost certainly born a slave and as a young girl acquired the name Ada Copeland.

While Clarence King traveled the world as a mining consultant, wrote for scientific and cultural journals, and entertained his friends at New York's Century Club, he lived a double life.

answered by Sophia | 01-18-2010 at 07:44 PM

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