Do Herpes Itch?

I am extremely itchy in my genital area and I think it could be herpes but how can I know.
I am scared because I don't know what's going on with me. My sister told me that maybe is not herpes and it's just crabs.
I don't have hair in the area right now but i know crabs don't need hair to be down there.
So my question is, do herpes itch?

asked by Sarah in Diseases & Conditions | 3867 views | 07-20-2009 at 12:59 AM

The only time I'll tell someone it's most likely not herpes is if they have some bumps that pop like a pimple because herpes doesn't have a "head" like a zit has. My husbands don't hurt or itch, he just gets a red spot no bigger than a mosquito bite.

The first attack of herpes usually follows this course:

Skin on or near the sex organ becomes inflamed. Skin may burn, itch or be painful.
Blister-like sores appear on or near the sex organs.
Sores open, scab over, and then heal.
Symptoms that may also be present when the virus first appears include:

Swollen glands
Burning when passing urine
Muscle aches

answered by Jessica | 07-20-2009 at 01:07 AM

yes! In most cases, herpes lessions do itch on occasions, not always but it is a symptom of herpes.
Small red areas appear that are sensitive, itchy, or painful. Small blisters filled with fluid form in the same area.

answered by Carla | 07-20-2009 at 01:09 AM

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