Jeff Reed Drunk?

Cops say that Jeff Reed got in trouble after defending his friend who was taking a leak in public.
Sure he was drunk. It all went down at a bar right near the stadium where the Steelers played just a few hours earlier -- cops say they saw a man in the parking lot peeing next to a white SUV. The man turned out to be Steelers back up tight end Matt Spaeth.
When officers approached Spaeth, cops say Steelers kicker Jeff Reed got out of the SUV to defend his teammate and "curled his fists" at the cops. That was such a bad move.

What happened with Jeff Reed, is he still in jail?

asked by Giselle in Controversy | 3076 views | 10-19-2009 at 04:51 PM

I read all about it on perez.
Jeff Reed seemed to bottom out early this year when staring at an empty towel dispenser at a New Alexandria Sheetz convenience store. But apparently the $543.50 fine wasnít enough to bankrupt him.

Jeff Reed has been cited by city police for public intoxication and disorderly conduct outside a bar a couple of blocks from where the team beat the Cleveland Browns a few hours earlier.

Police say Reed was cited outside McFadden's Bar about 9 p.m. Sunday.

Police say Reed will be mailed a summons to appear in city court.

answered by magnus | 10-19-2009 at 04:55 PM

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