China Oil Spill Pictures?

Crude oil began spilling into the Yellow Sea last week in China when a pipeline exploded and started a fire that raged for 15 hours. The China oil spill has spread across 70 square miles. The cause of the explosion is still being investigated.

Chinese officials have warned of a severe threat to wildlife because they consider it one of the country's worst reported oil spills. An army of volunteers was dispatched to beaches to try to head off the black tides.
Where can I see high quality pictures of China's oil spill?

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Greenpeace has captured dramatic photos of an oil worker being rescued after trying to fix an underwater oil pump off the coast of Dalian, China. The oil worker became submerged in the slick. The pictures show the men up to their chins in oil, fear on their faces, before firefighters jump in and pull them to safety, their bodies covered in oil.

These are the some pictures of China's Oil Spill.

China Oil Spill

China Oil Spill Pic

The pictures are impressive.

Oil is now spread over about 165 square miles of water, according to Chinese officials.

By comparison, though, that's still nowhere near the magnitude of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, estimated at 2,700 square miles of visible surface slick, according to the Associated Press on July 16. square miles across the surface.
Nevertheless, the China oil spill will pose a severe threat to marine animals and water quality, and sea birds.

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