How To Get Rid Of Blackheads On Nose Fast?

My skin is pretty good I usually have no acne, no oil etc.
My skin is usually dry actually but the problem is around my nose area now. I have a lot of blackheads there and I hate it.
I have tried different cleansers, home remedies, pore strips, and those things that squirt them but I can't get rid of blackheads on my nose.
I need them to go away fast.
They look bad and it hurts so much to have them. Does anyone have any other ways to get rid of blackheads on your nose? Fast?

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Even people who do not have the misfortune of getting acne or pimples sometimes had to deal with blackheads. However it's not so easy to do it fast, but still possible.

Change your pillow case as often as possible, oil can build up on your pillow and while you are sleeping can get on your face. If you remember to change your pillow case once every night or every two to three days this will help alleviate any issues if you have a black heads.

Take a hot shower. The steam will soften the blackheads.

When your pores are open (you won't really be able to see it) go along your nose and squize GENTLY small areas of your nose until the blackhead pops out. Don't squeeze TOO hard, because you could bruise your nose, as I found out.

Wrap your hair in a towel if itís long or pull it back from your face with a rubber band. Heat water in a pan on the stove until it boils.

Blackhead removal strips are a good product. While they might seem like a gadget that wonít work, they do work. Scotch tape can be used in a pinch. The top of the blackheads stick to the tape or the strip and as you pull the strip away, the blackheads are easily pulled out of the pores. Youíll see them on the tape or the strip. I find this is a very satisfying, if kind of gross way, to remove blackheads.

answered by Nancy | 01-11-2010 at 03:48 AM

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