Vuvuzela Ban & Controversy?

I've been watching the World Cup 2010 games and I had to turn the volume down on the TV, the constant noise of the Vuvuzelas is ridiculous. FIFA needs to do something about it, it must be very distacting for the players.
The Vuvuzela is a Plastic Trumpet, blown by South African soccer fans and originating from the african custom of blowing a "Kudu" horn to alert elders of an impending announcement.

The controversy is being covered by the media and many people have asked FIFA to ban the Vuvuzela because it is ruining the World Cup.

Do you think the Vuvuzela should be banned at the 2010 World Cup?

asked by Olivia in Soccer | 3938 views | 06-14-2010 at 01:24 AM

The vuvuzela is a part of South African culture and nobody has the right to ban them. If England were hosts, would we accept a campaign to ban the trumpets England fans play every minute of every game?

The vuvuzela controversy is being closely monitored by the Organizing committee. Chief executive Danny Jordaan said he would continue to monitor their use and a ban could be enforced if there were "grounds to do so".

Fifa and organizers have already said that they will ban the vuvuzela if any are thrown onto the pitch or used as a weapon and urged fans not to blow them during national anthems.

These South African horns drown out essentially all noise in the stadium, and they're impossible to miss on television broadcasts. Some rightly say they fail to reflect the ebbs and flows of the game. Besides the complaints, there are concerns they can result in hearing loss, and word is they can trumpet up to 127 decibels. So there are risks involved.

French captain Patrice Evra has actually blamed his side’s opening-match tie against Uruguay on the vuvuzela.

“We can’t sleep at night because of the vuvuzelas,” he whinged. “People start playing them from 6 a.m. We can’t hear one another out on the pitch because of them.”

Honestly, vuvuzelas are more charming than some of the unpleasant chants I heard in Boston at the NBA Finals.

In my opinion, vuvuzelas are fine and they shouldn't be banned.
I mean, why ban them if they're part of African culture?

answered by Wonderland | 06-14-2010 at 01:33 AM

Ban the Vuvuzela
Now it has started and it's a bug, there are a couple of petitions online to ban the vuvuzela from the World Cup. Here's one:

answered by Guest | 06-14-2010 at 09:27 PM

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