World Cup Noise Makers Controversy?

I was watching the soccer matches in TV and there is an objectionable hissing sound coming from the fans. Why is there such load background noise during a world cup game?
I have always been curious what that really loud continuous noise in the background in the stadium is.

Who are the noise makers and what is causing all the buzzing sounds?
I heard there is controversy and some people want it to be banned.

What is it?

asked by Neal in Soccer | 6695 views | 06-14-2010 at 12:54 AM

I think you are talking about vuvuzelas. They are South African horns that are blown at sports events for good luck. I heard that they might ban them because people are complaining about them.

I think South Africans don't realize vuvuzelas are creating an irritating buzz, they're just celebrating in their own original way. It's only like other fans singing and chanting, it's just that we see the horn blowing as more annoying.

I enjoy the excitement created by the Vuvuzelas. It shows a spirit of South African unity and enthusiasm for the sport. It was just a few years ago when this type of South African unity was unimaginable.

The noise maker was introduced to South Africa as a toy for kids to blow, and hardly got off the ground. Selling the horn proved almost impossible, until the full potential was realized by the local soccer supporters.

Researchers claim to have found evidence that vuvuzelas can lead to permanent hearing damage.
But Fifa has rejected calls for a ban on the horn, insisting it is an essential part of South Africa's footballing culture.

answered by Scent | 06-14-2010 at 12:55 AM

FIFA , the soccer-governing body in charge of the World Cup, is under pressure to ban the noise-maker. It said in a statement that for now it will only outlaw vuvuzelas if they become a physical hazard, such as if fans throw the horns on the field, but that it "continues to evaluate the use of vuvuzelas on an on-going basis."

Masincedane Sport, the company who owns the vuvuzela trademark, plans to offer a quieter version of the horn.

answered by Garret | 06-14-2010 at 02:36 PM

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