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Mixed martial arts fighter Jarrod Wyatt is charged with the murder of his sparring partner, Taylor Powell.

Apparently Jarrod Wyatt ripped out his friend's heart while he was still alive as he 'needed to stop the devil'. Jarrod Wyatt who is 26, also cut out Taylor Powell's tongue and tore most of his face in the vicious assault.

That is crazy. I can't find a wiki page for Jarrod Wyatt, can anyone let me know the link to his wikipedia article?

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Del Norte County Police Sgt. Elwood Lee responded to the scene and said that Wyatt told him "Satan was in that dude." Lee added that Wyatt also said he'd cooked the body parts in a wood stove because he thought Powell was still alive.

This case will become a wiki article for sure.

The police found Jarrod Wyatt standing with no clothes over Powell's body with body parts, including an eyeball, lying in the flat in Klamath, California. The incident took place in March and the pre-trial hearings are on.

Wyatt said he had drunk a cup of tea spiked with hallucinogenic mushrooms and after the attack, he threw the heart into a fire along with other organs that he had removed from the body.

The police officer was able to cuff Wyatt without incident, and then he proceeded to look at the body on the couch. The body had had the majority of its face removed, and an 18-inch incision in its chest cavity.

A lawyer representing Wyatt says he didnít have control of his actions because of the drugs, the Times-Standard reports, saying that therefore, there was no intent that would make him responsible for premeditated murder.

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