Jordan School District Utah: Herriman Fire?

A massive wildfire sparked Sunday at Camp Williams in Herriman Utah.
About 1,600 homes were evacuated and about 80 people were sheltered at Herriman High School through the night.
No residents have been injured, but two firefighters were hurt. One was taken to a hospital, received stitches then returned to the fire line. The other received a scratch to his eye and was sent home to recover.
The Jordan School District announced several school closings because of the fires, can anyone let me know which schools are going to remain closed?

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The fire started Sunday afternoon at the Machine Gun Range on Camp Williams. It was because a group was training on the range when one of the shots fired sparked the brush and started the fire.
Fire crews today will be dropping water from Black Hawk helicopters, as they did on Sunday. Crews are also using a foam fire retardant.

The Jordan School District announced the closure of the following schools Monday, due to the fire:

* Herriman High School
* Fort Herriman Middle School
* Butterfield Canyon Elementary
* Herriman Elementary
* Foothills Elementary
* Silver Crest Elementary
* Providence Hall Charter School

Although no classes are being held at Herriman High, it is open as a shelter for displaced families.
Schools also need time to allow the smoke to dissipate from the buildings, and it's anticipated that some areas of the fire may not be entirely extinguished Monday.

answered by Theo | 09-20-2010 at 01:29 PM

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