Disney's Hidden Secrets, Messages & Images?

My mom told me that Disney is famous for its hidden secrets, messages and images on Disney movies.
It's like the animators hide secret stuff in the movies that you don't realize its there until you hit pause and take a good look at it.
Does anyone know the hidden dirty Disney hidden secrets, images and subliminal messages?
I know there is a hidden message on the lion king, what is it exactly? The little mermaid has one too.

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Surprisingly, this is true.
There are hidden messages on Disney movies. The hide images too. It's a secret.

There's a tradition of Disney artists and storymen trying to sneak stuff onto the screen that goes back to the days of the early shorts. This stemmed from Disney's refusal to share creative credit with anyone. The only credited name on any of the shorts was Walt Disney himself (with an occasional credit to Ub Iwerks in the late 20's). It wasn't until the mid 40's, as the result of an artists' strike against Disney, that specific credits began showing up on the shorts. But the insult of being uncredited hurt, and the artists tried to get their names inserted into their work in devious ways.

Some examples of hidden messages Disney included on its movies.

The Rescuers

This contains two frames of a topless model. They are in the scene when Bernard and Bianca fly down through the city on the albatross.

The Little Mermaid

There is also some suggestion that in the scene where Eric and Ursula are about to get married, the priest is more than happy. However, there is equally as much suggestion that in fact what can be seen is merely his knee.

Also, the cover art for The Little Mermaid. Many people have commented that the tower looks like male genitalia. The artist apparently fully intended for the tower to look that way, although when he had finished the cover, he realised that it was actually a bit too obvious.

The Lion King

In the scene where Simba watches his father die, the word “S EX” is briefly formed in the clouds above his head. Some observers think that the hidden word is actually the letters “SFX”, referring to Disney's Special Effects department.


Aside from the many in-jokes, some people believe they can hear Aladdin say “Good teenagers take off your clothes” in one scene.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

There is a “Basic Instinct” type shot when Jessica Rabbit bounces out a Taxi - it only lasts for two frames.
Also Disney Chief Executive Michael Eisner’s home telephone number appears plastered on a Toon Town wall. They didn't like Michael at all back then.

There's lots of subliminal messages in the Disney animated movies. Some are easier to spot than others though.

A famous youtube video explains in more detail Disney's hidden messages and secrets.

answered by Robert | 05-03-2010 at 09:24 PM

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