Linda Norgrove Photo & Death?

A British aid worker kidnapped in Afghanistan last month has been killed by her captors during a rescue bid. Her name was Linda Norgrove, and she was a British social worker with a US aid agency. She was kidnapped in Afghanistan. Announcing the death, Foreign Secretary William Hague said the decision to attempt to free Norgrove was made 'given the danger she was in'.

Here's a photo of Linda Norgrove.

Linda Norgrove death

When was Linda Norgrove kidnapped?

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Linda Norgrove, 36, who worked for a U.S. aid group, had been abducted on Sept. 26 along with three Afghan co-workers when they visited a project in a remote part of Kunar province, a lawless region bordering Pakistan.

Police fought a gunbattle with the kidnappers near the attack site before the assailants fled.
Her three Afghan colleagues were released shortly after being abducted.

James Boomgard, DAI president and chief executive officer, called the news "devastating" and said his operation is "saddened beyond words by the death of a wonderful woman whose sole purpose in Afghanistan was to do good."

Linda Norgrove dedicated her life to helping others, not least in Afghanistan, a country that she loved. Ms Norgrove had been based in Jalalabad where she supervised US-funded reconstruction programmes in the eastern region of Afghanistan.

Violence continues unabated throughout much of Afghanistan. The focus of the U.S.-led war, which entered its 10th year last week, has been on the south, but coalition troops are increasingly fighting resilient militants in both the east and north.

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