Photo: Jessica A. Moore Death?

Just heard the news of Jessica A. Moore's death. She had been seriously wounded during the shooting incident that occurred at an East Orange residence early this morning.
An uninvited guest crashed the party Jessica A. Moore was in, when the man was confronted, a fight broke out. The man left but came back a short time later with a gun in his hand.
The university is obviously shocked by this senseless act of violence.

Here's a photo of Jessica A. Moore.

Jessica A. Moore

How is was Jessica A. Moore?

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She was 19. Jessica Moore was a sophomore honor student and a cherished member of the Seton Hall community. Moore grew up in Tennessee but lived with her mother in Virginia. Her nickname around the campus was "Tennessee."
East Orange police say no arrest had been made by late Sunday morning.
Terrified partygoers dived for cover as the killer, believed to be in his 20s, began firing before fleeing the house in East Orange.

Jessica suffered gunshot wounds and died in hospital several hours later. Four other partygoers - two men and two women - were today being treated for injuries.

"We extend our most heartfelt condolences to Jessica's family and friends," Seton Hall Interim President Gabriel Esteban said in a statement. "Please know that we share in your grief and that we will be praying for you in the difficult days ahead."

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