California Wildfires 2010 Map & Video?

Two roaring wildfires in southern California prompted at least 2,300 evacuations and a state of emergency late Tuesday July 27, 2010.

More than 15,000 acres have burned down. Hundreds of firefighters are trying to put out two wildfires which are tearing through parts of southern California. Dozens of homes have already been destroyed. People have been told to get out of their homes. I wonder if there's a video of the wildfires.

A Red Cross shelter has been set up for people who have been forced out of their homes.
Where can I find a map of the fires location in California?

asked by Carter in Weather | 3855 views | 07-28-2010 at 06:33 PM

The California Wildfires started Monday July 26, 2010 and has spread very quickly. There are over 1,000 firefighters working in the region including support from the air, but it is thought that the fire is only about 5 percent contained at the moment.

Video of the 2010 California Wildfires.

The two blazes in mostly rural Kern County remained out of control after scorching more than 26 square miles of hilly pine forests and chaparral.

A blaze that erupted Tuesday 10 miles southeast of Tehachapi destroyed 30 to 40 homes and threatened the remaining 150 homes in the tiny community of Old West Ranch.

answered by Fiona | 07-28-2010 at 06:34 PM

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