Arkansas Flooding 2010 Photos?

The 2010 Arkansas Flooding was one of the most devastating so far. The search continues for about two dozen people still missing after Friday's deadly flooding in Arkansas.

At least 16 people were confirmed dead on Saturday as a result of the flooding.

Waters rose as quickly as two and a half metres an hour early on Friday as campers slept, carrying away tents and overturning camper vans. Photos of the flooding were just shown in TV. I was wondering where can I see more photos of the flood.

Crews looking for trapped people and dead bodies were using horses, all-terrain vehicles and canoes to fan out across the rugged region. They had suspended the search Friday night.
Please let me know where to find more photos.

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This is one of the photos of the 2010 Arkansas flooding.

Arkansas Flooding 2010

Rescue workers do not have an accurate count of how many people might be missing, but about 300 people might have been camping along the Caddo and Little Missouri Rivers when the waters surged by 20 feet late Thursday into Friday morning, during a rainstorm, according to Red Cross and state emergency officials.

The search was expected to take several more days, or even weeks, and anguished family members of the missing who gathered at a church in nearby Lodi on Saturday could only wait helplessly for word of loved ones. Some cried and embraced one another, and some held their head in their hands.

Forecasters had warned of the approaching danger in the area during the night, but campers could easily have missed those advisories because the area is isolated.

More photos of the Arkansas flooding.

Arkansas Flooding 2010-2

Arkansas Flooding 2010-3

Arkansas Flooding 2010-4

As the water receded, the devastation emerged: Vehicles were piled atop each other, and bodies were in the water. The group sought shelter in a nearby cabin higher off the ground. They were eventually rescued in a Jeep.

Authorities say the flooding was caused by a wall of water, triggered by heavy rains that swelled the Little Missouri River to 20 feet. Television photos showed cabins reduced to rubble and mobile homes and vehicles overturned by the waters.

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