Albert Pike Campground Flooding Photos?

Are there photos of the Albert Pike Campground flooding?
Various news reports confirm at least 20 people have died and a search and rescue mission is underway after heavy rains and flash floods washed over Albert Pike campground in Arkansas. Over 60 people have been rescued and dozens more are still missing.

The Caddo and Little Missouri rivers -- two normally gentle waterways -- rose by 20 feet overnight, engulfing the hikers and campers spending the night in tents along the rivers in the isolated Ouachita Mountains.

The area affected, the Albert Pike campground , is managed by the U.S. Forest Service and is about 75 miles west of Little Rock. Officials say they expect more deaths but do not yet have a full count on the number of people at the site or missing.

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The Arkansas National Guard has dispatched three helicopters and troops on the ground today in the search for possible survivors of deadly flash flooding in and around the Albert Pike Campground in southwestern Arkansas.

The flash flood has destroyed many roads, making a large portion of the remote area inaccessible by land.

Officials say the Albert Pike Recreation Area was packed with vacationing families, many of them from Louisiana and Texas.

There are no photos of the Albert Pike Campground flooding yet, but this video shows the aftermath.

The campground is located in northern Pike County near the Langley community.

Brigette Williams, a spokesperson for the American Red Cross in Little Rock, said between 200-300 people were believed to be in the area at the time of the flooding. She didn't know how many campers and how many local residents. Williams said the Red Cross will provide shelter for anyone displaced by the flooding.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe went out on one of the helicopters to see the damage first hand
The park is situated in a valley between two heavily forested hills, near the Little Missouri River. The "little Mo" as it is affectionately called, usually has a water level that is so low, it looks more like a creek-got hit with 9" of rain within a very short period of time. The water level went from 3 feet to 23 feet from the hours of approximately 11:00pm to around 3:00am.

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It seems the USA is living a series of natural disasters affecting different parts of the country. Drenching thunderstorms continue to trigger serious flooding across northeastern Texas this morning.

This is one of the photos of the Albert Pike Campground flooding.

Albert Pike Campground Flooding

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