Caddo Gap Arkansas Flooding Pics?

The Caddo and Little Missouri rivers -- two normally gentle waterways -- rose by 20 feet overnight, engulfing the hikers and campers spending the night in tents along the rivers in Albert Pike Campground, in Caddo Gap.

It is estimated the flooding killed at least 20 people as they slept and left an estimated 36 missing. Some of the pictures taken at the place are heartbreaking.

Many more could be trapped in the area, state authorities said.
The area is still heavily flooded and searches are expected to take at least two days.

I was wondering if there are pictures of the Caddo Gap Arkansas Flooding?

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Heavy rains caused the normally quiet Caddo and Little Missouri rivers to climb out of their banks during the night. Around dawn, floodwaters barreled through the Albert Pike Recreation Area, a 54-unit campground in the Ouachita National Forest that was packed with vacationing families who were probably still asleep when their tents began to fill with water.
I found pictures of the Caddo Gap flash floods and posted below.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe said there's word from the Red Cross that there could have been as many as 300 people in Caddo Gap Arkansas, but he said there is no registration that would show the precise number of people in the region.

The flooding destroyed campgrounds in the Ouatchita National Forest. Campers, hikers and residents are feared among the dead and missing.

Pictures of the Caddo Gap Arkansas Flooding.

Caddo Gap Arkansas Flooding

Caddo Gap Arkansas Flooding2

Caddo Gap Arkansas Flooding3

Television images showed cabins reduced to rubble and mobile homes and vehicles overturned by the waters.

"There was a significant amount of rainfall last night and water quickly rose along the campsites," said Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler.

Authorities were using boats and helicopters to search the remote area for survivors, he said.

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Those pictures are impressive. When the water did subside, the destruction was immediately apparent: dead bodies, destroyed homes, overturned cars surfaced.

John Nichols, a forest service spokesman, said it would have been impossible to warn everyone that the flood was coming: the area has spotty mobile phone service and no sirens.

Authorities, have no real idea how many people are lost. The campground's register was washed away in the floods.

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