H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects?

My name is Sofia and i am very interested in the H1N1 vaccination debate and all the side effects the vaccine can cause. I am a current student and am writing an essay on all this stuff. Why vaccinations shouldn't be taken to be exact? What are the potential dangerous side effects?
If anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it.

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The FDA has approved four vaccines for the prevention of swine flu. Recent preliminary reports from clinical trials of these vaccines have described common side effects encountered by participants. The first of the preliminary reports published is from a continuing study in Australia, where researchers are testing an inactivated H1N1 vaccine developed by CSL Ltd. in a group 240 volunteers. Following injection, 90% of recipients achieved a strong immune response within three weeks, a sign that the vaccine is working. Participants reported side effects that they experienced within 7 days. Another study tested an H1N1 vaccine developed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals with and without an oil-in-water adjuvant, known as MF29 in 175 adults.
Local Side Effects from Approved H1N1 Vaccines

No deaths or serious adverse events have been reported from any swine flu vaccine. Approximately 44% of participants reported mild side effects within 7 days of receiving the first dose of CSL’s swine flu vaccine. 2.5% of vaccine recipients reported moderate local side effects, and there were no severe adverse events reported after immunization. 86% of the volunteers that received Novartis’s H1N1 vaccine reported adverse reactions after one or both doses – the most common local side effect experienced was injection site pain. The reactions were generally mild or moderate and resolved after 72 hours. Reported local adverse events, or side effects occurring at the location where either vaccine had been administered, include the following:

* Tenderness
* Pain
* Redness
* Hardening of skin
* Swelling
* Bruising

Read more: http://diseases-viruses.suite101.com...#ixzz0TAv7OMTH

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This new virus is very contagious. We don’t have natural immunity, and if you have any risk factors — especially if you’re pregnant — get the vaccine as soon as it is available.

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I would not get this vaccine period. The circumstances it is being offered under are very suspicious to me. To be honest with you I hope nobody gets it. Why is the vaccine being pushed so hard yet no natural remedies are ever mentioned???? Well, that's because your government WANTS YOU TO BE SICK because that way they make $$$$!!!!! Nobody important makes money off of selling vitamin D, and C, fresh fruit, and gym memberships! Hah! What a joke. Think for yourself, and don't listen to what government-censored media outlets tell you (basically all of them)!!!

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an easy way to look at this is to think of the virus as an invader to the body. The virus invader has certain items on its body which the body can see. When it sees these items, the body mounts an immune response (its army) to get rid of the invader. The more exposure the body has to a specific invader, the more it will remember that invader and it will be able to more quickly raise the army to repel the invader. The vaccine is simply dead bits of the invader to sort of trick the body's army into thinking it is the real invader so that next time the real invader comes by the army can be raised more rapidly.
Drinking orange juice and working out and taking vitamins will make your immune response healthy, but it can never get the army ready as fast as possible as can be done with the vaccine.
By the way, the virus is natural, so if you want a natural remedy just go get infected with the real virus, not the vaccine.

answered by Guest | 10-30-2009 at 09:06 PM

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