Lisa Olson Patriots Scandal?

A mexican reporter was harassed by the New York Jets and it is the scandal everyone is talking about.
I heard something similar happened to a reporter named Lisa Olson a few years ago with the New England Patriots. At the time, women sports journalists faced frequent discrimination, harassment, and intimidation.
Olson was a reporter for the The Boston Herald, and was one of the first women to bridge the gender divide of sports reporting.
Where can I find the details of Lisa Olson's scandal with the Patriots?

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I remember Lisa Olson's case. Several guys degraded and humiliated Lisa Olson while she attempted to interview a member of the New England Patriots after practice. Three players, Zeke Mowatt, Michael Timpson, and Robert Perryman, were later fined by the NFL for their conduct.

After the incident became public, Olson was subjected to harassment from fans of the Patriots. Her tires were slashed, she received hate mail and death threats, and her apartment was burglarized.

Olson ended up having to move out of the country to Australia because of the harassment she received following the story. The NFL must have felt this was an acceptable solution, because they did nothing to change it.

answered by Tucker | 09-15-2010 at 01:09 AM

Abused always become the abusers.
There is overwhelming opposition to this by men and women, but we are being ignored. Women know that sooner or later a gay reporter will be allowed to interview them naked, and they are rightly appalled by the inevitable outcome. Believe me it will occur! Some sort of phony freedom of press rule will be used again. Do not be fooled into the lie that male reporters are interviewing female athletes naked, the women’s league thankfully care about the women for now at least; and make sure everyone is dressed. This is all about controlling and demeaning other human beings, nothing else. Interviews can most certainly be done outside of the locker room. If time is the issue, why are reporters allowed in even after a practice in the middle of the day. Quite sure the owners and the media would not allow any of themselves or the family members to be subject to this. You know this is how they tortured Sadam making him strip in front of a room of female officers. So athletes are terrorists now.

answered by basichumanright twitter | 12-06-2010 at 07:08 PM

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