Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Meaning?

What is the meaning of the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"? I've heard many versions of this... is there a hidden significance to this song?
does it relate to drugs? It was said before that this song is a mirror to I am The Walrus.

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Although "officially" it has nothing to do with drugs, it must have been strongly influenced by drugs, thus the "LSD" acronym from the title and the overall psychedelia.

Less of a song but more like a misunderstood band...Black Sabbath, they are not Satanists at all, as many people seem to believe. They were curious about the occult but the only song that may have seemed "Satanic" was NIB, when Ozzy speaks from the point of view of the devil...their title track, "Black Sabbath" is actually about running FROM the devil, trying to escape. Ozzy's vocals just featured him talking about how he didn't want to be told how to live his life, including religiously.

answered by Tommo | 09-28-2009 at 08:31 PM

that other guy doesn't know what he's talking about. -_-

The title comes from a picture John Lennon's son drew. It featured a girl he knew from his class, Lucy. Julian showed the picture to his father, who asked him what it was a picture of.
"It's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Julian replied.

That's where the title comes from. The song itself seems to be very obviously influenced by John's experiences with drugs, although some of the song was written by Paul McCartney. The verse beginning with "Newspaper taxis appear on the shore, waiting to take you away" was written entirely by Paul.

answered by Guest | 02-19-2010 at 08:20 PM

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