Is Facebook Down?

I can't access the Facebook homepage. I think it's down.
Sometimes when this exact thing happens, I type in my browser and I can access the website normally.
Now it doesn't work. Facebook or Thefacebook get me a blank page.
What is going on?

asked by Facebook guru in Internet | 2860 views | 07-18-2009 at 11:24 PM

It works for me.
This is the first time I hear about thefacebook, I didn't know they owned that domain.
Why do you think they would buy that domain and never use it? Crazy.

answered by Carol | 07-18-2009 at 11:25 PM

Facebook is not down, at least it works perfect for me.
Maybe it's a problem with your internet connection.

answered by Chelsea | 07-18-2009 at 11:26 PM

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