Google founders lost $10 billion in the last month

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google own a total of 57,806,476 shares of Google stock.
They have to demonstrate that buying GOOG is a good thing so selling is not an option.
One month ago, Google's stock was trading at about $710 and their combined holdings was $41.1 billion.
In the past month, Google's stock has fallen like an old lady.

And the biggest drop was today. How much did Larry and Sergey loose today? Around $2.5 billion.
Since last month their total loss is $10 billion. Unbelievable.
You can see their company calculating their loss here.

asked by Maddox in Cycling | 5105 views | 01-24-2008 at 03:41 AM

I wouldn't be able to stand it...

answered by Mimz | 01-24-2008 at 03:59 PM

Unbelievable. Now that is a loss.

answered by Midsummer | 01-25-2008 at 01:10 AM

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