Are The Eggs We Eat Fertilized?

Are the chicken eggs we eat everyday fertilized or unfertilized or both?

asked by Sandra in Foods | 5029 views | 09-04-2009 at 02:11 AM

No. Most eggs sold today are from large egg producing facilities and there are no interactions between hens and roosters. Most of the egg producing hens have never and never will see a rooster. The only time you may get fertilized eggs is if you buy from a local farm and unless you incubate the eggs you would never know you are eating a fertile egg. There is no discernible difference between a fertile and non fertile fresh egg.

The difference between fertilized and unfertilized eggs comes down to whether a rooster has been involved or not. Hens do not need a rooster to lay an egg; they do so (almost daily) on their own simply according to light patterns. However, if a rooster does mate with a hen, the eggs she produces are fertilized and, under the right incubation conditions, can bear chicks. No rooster means zero possibility of the egg ever becoming anything more than that.

answered by Meli | 09-04-2009 at 02:12 AM

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